Video Slots – The Best Bonus Game

Today most players expect their favourite slots machine to have a thrilling bonus game that can push their winnings to new heights. Slots bonus games are good enough to stand alone and this gives the player a feeling that he gets much more for his money. There are many different types of slots games and which one will be best for you depend on your personal preferences.

Barometer Bonus Games

Many bonus games have a barometer function. This means that you press the start button for the bonus game and while the reels are spinning there is also some form of barometer working at the same time with individual symbols that will influence the outcome. This makes the bonus game more intricate and you have more to keep an eye on which makes for more enjoyment.

Hidden Treasures

Another type of bonus game is when you are ushered into a completely new layout where you can reveal hidden treasures. Sometimes you are given a choice between this and the regular bonus game. Depending on the theme of the slots you could be turning over rocks, treasure chests or Lilly pads. Sometimes you will find smaller sums to add to your coin collection and other times you could be lucky enough to raise your winnings to a substantial amount.


Barometer bonus games are sometimes simply a bonus game with a multiplier. The multiplier is set off as soon as the bonus game has come to a conclusion for how much extra you won. The multiplier will then decide how many times this amount will be multiplied. It could be two times or even four or six! Watching the multiplier come to a still is very exciting and it is highly recommended to play a slots machine with this function.

Free SpinsFree Spins Bonus

A slots machine can have free spins that are set off by scatters or wilds and it can have free spins as part of the bonus game. The best is when it has both. It doesn’t matter what type of bonus game it is. There is always a way for the slots producers to put free spins into it. The only thing to be aware of in this case is that there might be different rules for free spins in bonus mode and regular free spins. By reading the rules for the slots game before you start you will know what to expect.

Testing the Bonus Game

You can’t always test bonus games in free slots. This is a bit annoying but not much to do about. Furthermore you might be asked to make a higher bet to be able to reach the bonus feature. To get the best bonus game you should pick a slot machine that lets you try all of its features for free or at least for a very small bet.

To find the best slots bonus game you should learn which type you like the most and try to find a machine which lets you try it for free.

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