World series of poker

The WSOP is the biggest poker event in the calendar. It is where hundreds and hundreds of players from all around the world gather together for over 60 events ranging from all flavours of poker. The events take place at the world renowned Rio Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. These articles will focus on the WSOP events from 2012, and recap everything you will need to know.

Event 27: H.O.R.S.E

Players throw down in a mixed back of Holdem, Omaha Hi Lo, Razz, Stud and Stud Hi Lo.

Buy in: $1,500
Entrants: 889
Prize Pool: $1,200,150
Paid Places: 96

This event was won by Ylon Schwartz, an American born pro from New York. This event is Schwartz first bracelet win, and alone with that he takes home first place prize fund of $267,081. Unlike the rest of the field though, Schwartz had a very unique start to poker. Schwartz was a genius… a chess genius. He took to playing chess for money, eventually earning him a love of gambling; a love that could have been his demise as he started to get involved with more games and at one point, he simply bottomed out.

A friend taught him Holdem poker, and he took interest, playing in underground games. Realising that poker had the perfect mix of skill and that buzz he was after, he started taking the game more seriously, and studied it like it was chess, and one day he got his big poker break by winning a seat at the WSOP main event in 2008, where he placed 4th and won a staggering $3,774,974. Now here he is taking home his first ever bracelet.

His final hand came against David Chiu, a four time bracelet winner. Their final hand came during Stud Hi Lo. His Pair of concealed held of Chiu who needed a straight draw or higher pair on Seventh Street which never came. He goes home with second place $164,960.

Event 28: Four Handed Hold Em

4 players per table give the game a new angle in this 4 seated holdem tournament.

Buy in: $2,500
Entrants: 750
Prize Pool: $1,706,250
Paid Places: 80

Any poker player who has played enough will be able to tell you that playing heads up against 1 player is a whole different kettle of fish to playing in a 9 or 10 seated table. This tournament gives a good mix of both, by having a small amount of players per table. This event is brand new at this year WSOP, and was won by Canadian Timothy Adams.

Adams takes home his first gold bracelet and $392,476 in prize money. This event was played by players from over 35 nations and 750 total overall, it is certainly here to stay. Adams final hand was against Brendon Rubie, On a community of 8 Q 10 and 5. Both players shoved all in. Rubie flipped a pair of K kicker, but Adams had A kicker. The A also sealed the deal when an A fell on the river sealing his victory and knocking out Rubie in second place to the tune of $242,458.

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