What is the Best Time of Day to Play Online Slot Games

I have heard a lot of savvy online casino players insist that you win easier, more often and bigger at night, between 9pm and 3am. They go on to explain that you lose more often after 12 noon until 6pm in the evening. So let us ponder this claim in light of focused reasoning. Perhaps we don’t need more than that to know if this is true or whether there is a better time than others to gambling at online casinos.


Let’s first take under consider the location of the servers for the casino games and see if we can get a clue from this. These software providers serving up the games are in various locations around the world. Costa Rica, Malts, Central Europe and Australia are among the most prevalent providers of online gambling. So what time of day is it in these countries relative to each other? When it is 6AM in Costa Rica it is 1PM in Central Europe and 8PM in Australia. That is a big spread. These countries are in very different time zones spread out over the globe. So that is interesting. Keep this in your mind and let’s proceed to the next step in our logic. Secondly lets see where the majority of the players are receiving the casino games. Well I for one am in Costa Rica but the majority of the players are in the United States. YES the United States has more persons playing online than any other country. Yes it is “sort of” illegal to play online casino games in the good old US of A and yet the popularity of these online casinos will not die there.


ThFotolia_36778731_Subscription_XXLen Europe is a big player as well. Per capita it has more players than the United States. Lets not forget about the Asian players spread out from Hong Kong to Japan. These three markets comprise the majority of online gamblers in the world. Again In Cost Rica at 6AM it is 9AM in most of the United States. In Asia at 6AM it can be anywhere from 2 to 6PM. That is on the exact opposite side of this beautiful Earth of ours. Europe it would be 1PM. So I think you know where I am taking this mental exercise. The software providers serving up the casino games are distributed over most of the globe. The players diligently peering into cyber space hoping for a win are also scattered throughout the globe. It would be nonsense to think that there would be some type of coordination between so many providers and so many different locations of the players. So no, I don’t expect that there is any coloration between time of day and wins vs. losses. Hec, I would like to add that I tend to loose no matter what time of day it is, lol.

But what I would like to point out is that when a player is well rested and alert he would have a MUCH better chance of winning than when he is tired. Are the RNG’s (Random Number Generators) tied into our brains and respond to our mental condition. No, of coarse not. But when we are not half drunk or half asleep we will be making better decisions on how to place our bets. For example if we are playing slot machines or video slots. I would have a much better feel for when it was cold or loose when I am alert and patient. Or another example is blackjack. I would tend to be able to keep the standard common knowledge of when to take a hit and when not to. I have seen tired players take a hit when 18 is showing on their side of the table. Or in a poker game I have tried to bluff some sharp opponents when I didn’t have zip in my hand. I loose every time I am at the table too long from fatigue. So it is best to play an online gambling casino when you are sharp and alert. I think you can agree with me on this. So IF I had to say what time of day people win more often. I could be on solid ground by answering… In the morning.

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