Studying video slot Reels or Lines

The reels and paylines govern slot payouts and winning combinations. Classic slots comprise of three reels and up to a max of 3 paylines while exclusive slots comprise of 5 reels and the paylines range between 5 to 1024.


A slot reel can be referred to as a wheel or drum that is fixed vertically on a slot machine. Each reel is printed with symbols and a winning combination is triggered by matching each symbol on a reel to all other reels on one single payline. In a slot game, paylines can be horizontal, parallel, and zigzag to award a winning combination.

A winning combination is awarded when you match a symbol from one reel to all other reels on a single payline. A slot machine will never award a winning combination on symbols displayed on a single reel. This means that for one to hit a winning combination, each symbol from one reel should connect and match to all other symbols on all other reels on the same payline.


For instance, when a player hits more than one winning combination on one payline, the video slot machine awards the highest payout combination only. An interesting feature offered by some online slot games is the tumble reels feature. With the tumbling reel feature, when a player triggers a winning combination, the reels tumble and cause all symbols on the reels to disappear and new symbols appear on the reels enabling a player to hit another winning combination. With this feature, a player is able to trigger several winning combinations.


SlotsA slot game that offers several paylines, enable players to trigger winning combinations easily but a payout will only be awarded to an active payline. Other slot games offer compulsory paylines, at which all lines are active during game play.

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