Is Going Without a Backup Sump Pump Really Worth the Gamble

Every time that it starts to rain there is always the risk that it will be a major downpour.

If this is the case and your pump in the basement fails for any reason you will be faced with a mess that so many people have to deal with each winter, a flooded basement. The irony is that the trouble and expense of it all is completely unavoidable, because backup systems for sump pumps are now more affordable then they have ever been before.Fotolia_8942720_Subscription_L

Three Basic Main Causes

There are three basic main reasons that pumping systems fail and basements are flooded. All of them are completely avoidable, yet it happens every year all over the country. The common solution to all three of these flooding problems is having backup sump pump installed but some people are simply determined to go it with only one pump to keep their basement from flooding.

Reason Number One – Power Outages

The first common reason for basement flooding is a power outage. Ironically, the bigger the storm the more likely it is that power lines will be knocked down, causing a power outage. Add to that, the fact that a larger storm will dump more water. Combine those two problems together and they equal flooded basements.

Cheap Systems are Prone to Failure

The second most common cause of basement flooding is system failure. This too is an avoidable problem, yet households all over the country are set to have their systems fail this coming winter. Cheap plastic pumps, do-it-yourself kits and shoddy installation are all common denominator that factor into many flooded basements.

Overloaded Pumping System

Lastly, the third most comon cause for basement flooding is system overload. This means that too much water was coming in for the system to handle and with no backup sump pump in place, the result is flooding. The fact of the matter, is the as prices have fallen on backup sump pumps, so too has quality gone up, so all three of these common causes of basement flooding are now more easily avoided.

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