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New Catchphrase episodes now being filmed

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The updated version of the classic ‘catchphrase’ program was a great success for ITV in April, with Stephen Mulhern and the newly polished and animated Mr Chips getting rave reviews from fans. Even die-hard fans of the original series were impressed, taking to the new show immediately. Guessing the famous one-liners is fun and viewers love to compete amongst themselves to guess the phrases!

ITV bosses have confirmed that new episodes are currently being filmed, with extra celebrity specials. Three specials have been confirmed so far, and will last for one hour each, whilst normal programs will be forty five minutes. A date for the new series hasn’t been announced yet, but catchphrase fans can hone their guessing skills by playing catchphrase online.

Choosing a quality website where video slot machines is available

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There are many forms of entertainment that can be enjoyed on the internet today and one of them is online gambling. Casino websites are the best venue for online games where spending and winning money is involved. Through casino games online, many players have made their fortune by simply signing-up for membership and playing with real money.

Casino games are that are commonly seen in websites are poker, roulette and slot machines. There are also new games being introduced today however, the ones mentioned are the most popular.

Upon entering any casino hall, the first gaming equipment that you can see is the slot machine. Playing slots is the simplest and easiest. You only need to form one symbol in the three reels. Due to its strong demand, slot machines can also be played in reliable casino websites. Playing continuously allows the player to have more chances of winning.

What is the Best Time of Day to Play Online Slot Games

I have heard a lot of savvy online casino players insist that you win easier, more often and bigger at night, between 9pm and 3am. They go on to explain that you lose more often after 12 noon until 6pm in the evening. So let us ponder this claim in light of focused reasoning. Perhaps we don’t need more than that to know if this is true or whether there is a better time than others to gambling at online casinos.


Let’s first take under consider the location of the servers for the casino games and see if we can get a clue from this. These software providers serving up the games are in various locations around the world. Costa Rica, Malts, Central Europe and Australia are among the most prevalent providers of online gambling. So what time of day is it in these countries relative to each other? When it is 6AM in Costa Rica it is 1PM in Central Europe and 8PM in Australia. That is a big spread. These countries are in very different time zones spread out over the globe. So that is interesting. Keep this in your mind and let’s proceed to the next step in our logic. Secondly lets see where the majority of the players are receiving the casino games. Well I for one am in Costa Rica but the majority of the players are in the United States. YES the United States has more persons playing online than any other country. Yes it is “sort of” illegal to play online casino games in the good old US of A and yet the popularity of these online casinos will not die there. Then Europe is a big player as well. Per capita it has more players than the United States. Lets not forget about the Asian players spread out from Hong Kong to Japan. These three markets comprise the majority of online gamblers in the world. Again In Cost Rica at 6AM it is 9AM in most of the United States. In Asia at 6AM it can be anywhere from 2 to 6PM. That is on the exact opposite side of this beautiful Earth of ours. Europe it would be 1PM. So I think you know where I am taking this mental exercise. The software providers serving up the casino games are distributed over most of the globe. The players diligently peering into cyber space hoping for a win are also scattered throughout the globe. It would be nonsense to think that there would be some type of coordination between so many providers and so many different locations of the players. So no, I don’t expect that there is any coloration between time of day and wins vs. losses. Hec, I would like to add that I tend to loose no matter what time of day it is, lol.

But what I would like to point out is that when a player is well rested and alert he would have a MUCH better chance of winning than when he is tired. Are the RNG’s (Random Number Generators) tied into our brains and respond to our mental condition. No, of coarse not. But when we are not half drunk or half asleep we will be making better decisions on how to place our bets. For example if we are playing slot machines or video slots. I would have a much better feel for when it was cold or loose when I am alert and patient. Or another example is blackjack. I would tend to be able to keep the standard common knowledge of when to take a hit and when not to. I have seen tired players take a hit when 18 is showing on their side of the table. Or in a poker game I have tried to bluff some sharp opponents when I didn’t have zip in my hand. I loose every time I am at the table too long from fatigue. So it is best to play an online gambling casino when you are sharp and alert. I think you can agree with me on this. So IF I had to say what time of day people win more often. I could be on solid ground by answering… In the morning.

The History of Video Slots

It was a fast growing industry in the United States. As its popularity increased more companies began to develop similar slot machines. There were however, a few years of prohibition against the slot machines and they were banned altogether in some states. They came back with a vengeance in 1964, when Bally Manufacturing released the “Money Honey.” This new slot machine featured electronic internal parts which set it in a class above the original machines. Not only the internal workings, however, were significantly different, but the slot machines now featured lights and sounds, as well as the option to bet multiple coins. US casinos featured these slot machines in great abundance.


1975 saw the first video slot machines to hit US casino floors. The “Fortune Coin” video slot machine game was invented by Walt Fraley in 1975. Fraley’s video slot machines were not immediately popular as US casino patrons were originally skeptical of the new virtual technology that they used.
International Game Technology (IGT) saw the potential in video slot machines and in 1976, they purchased the Fortune Coin manufacturer. IGT began manufacturing new video slot games and they became the second largest slot machine manufacturer, with their focus being on video slot games.
Video poker became popular in 1979 and this increased the popularity of video slot machines. Since 1980, the popularity of video slot machine games has increased in leaps and bounds. New technology is continually being used and exciting new features are being added to the existing games. Slot machines now often feature progressive jackpots ? that is that the machines are linked to other machines either in the same casino or even in other casinos. This means that the jackpots can grow very large as they are continually being added to by multiple players. This is certainly a huge step forward from the original 50c jackpots that were offered by the Liberty Bell! Slot machines these days also almost always feature bonus payouts for various combinations of spins. Players can do very well by playing video slot machines.

Video slots are available, not only in all land based casinos, but in all online casinos as well. Online slot games are highly popular. Slot games for USA players can be found on the Internet as well. Unfortunately, due to new legislation in the United States, not all states will allow the ownership or playing of slot machines. At one time, these games were very popular in United States casinos and online casinos that accepted US players, however, it is now important for all US gamblers to familiarize themselves with the legislation in the state that they are in, in order to be sure that it is legal for them to play.

How to Pick and Enjoy Slot machine Devices – Boost Your Video slot machine Appliance Winnings

If you want to understand how to perform slot equipment, then study this. You will discover how to select the best slot machines that can let you improve your slot machine appliance winnings. When you have fun slot machines, it is usually great to use a good deal of helpful techniques. This is due to the fact having good methods will permit you to win huge amounts of profits. Slot machine device video games are pleasurable video games to have fun and are appropriate for getting a fantastic previous-time. The recreation can even be a lot more entertaining when you know how enhance your odds of profitable. Slot machines can be categorized as the best casino video games to perform. Nonetheless, to enhance you possibilities of profitable you need to know how to select the greatest equipment which can offer you with the very best payouts.


Upon entering the gambling establishment, you will see a good deal of models. The seems and the brilliant lights can actually be really appealing. If you are tempted to enjoy, do not instantly pick a favored device. You will need to identify 1st which machine is a sizzling video slot machine or a chilly slot. There are no actual concepts or tips in identifying which slot machine is hot or cold. But in typical circumstances, most of the casinos have like sure patterns in arranging the great and the bad slot machine equipment in terms of payouts and jackpot prizes. Typically, slots located in close proximity to successful claims sales space are the greatest ones to enjoy with. This is because casinos want to attract other people to play slot machines as they hear other folks lining up in the outstanding claims sales space to declare their jackpot prizes soon after they play slot models. Slot machines which can be identified in coffee retailers and cafes are most frequently programmed as very hot slot machine games. The appealing vivid lights and the inviting sounds of the slot machine devices have this enticing impact to the people who are consuming to end their foods rapidly so that they can have fun slot video games immediately. The worst video slot machine models are frequently put near gambling house entrances. So, it is great to avoid these devices. Most likely, these devices are programmed to give the worst payouts. Casinos do not generally location the excellent models close to entrances simply because this will disable to the individuals to move close to the casino to enjoy other matches. Equipment close to sport tables also have higher possibilities of becoming cold slots. Bad machines are frequently put here simply because casinos would like to avoid the cheering slot winners from disturbing those you are enjoying poker, blackjack, and other table games. These sorts of casino video games require a good deal of focus too.

If you see slots close to ticket booths or ticket lines for exhibits or movies, steer clear of them. Certainly, these devices will not give great good payouts. This is accomplished to stop folks from finding distracted from viewing reveals to perform slot machine games. When you perform, make certain that you have an sufficient budget for it. Play only inside your indicates and stick to your price range. As you perform video slot machine equipment, make sure to set an volume for your bankroll and do not use the cash intended for groceries and bill payments.

Enjoy new virtual slots game Asian Beauty video slot

You will find tenderness and exquisiteness in this elegant new slots Asian Beauty. Match these whimsical princesses in the Bonus round and reap the reward of their associated prizes. The Bonus is triggered randomly so look out for the waft of Lotus Petals for change in Climate and virtual game temperature.


3 or more Treasure Chest Scatters will trigger up to 25 free slots spins in which all wins will be doubled. So travel East with Asian Beauty where royalty and beauty come together in a rewarding blend of grace and accolade. Asian Beauty Video Slot is a 5 Reel, 243 Way virtual slots, with a Wild substitute and a Scatter which triggers Free Spins. 3, 4 or 5 Scatter anywhere on the reels triggers 10, 15 or 25 Free slots spins respectively. The Princess Bonus is randomly triggered in which the first 3 of a Kind Match wins the associated princess prize. The maximum bet on the game is 150.00, and this advanced and richly featured slot can deliver up to 27 625.00 in the base game, double that in free slots spins. The timeless elegance and exquisite beauty of Asian princesses come together in latest virtual slots, ASIAN BEAUTY. This 5 reel addition to the very popular 243 Ways-to-Win series of slots boasts a finely detailed oriental theme set by four graceful princesses among icons of the opulent lifestyle surrounding royalty, with richly embroidered clothing, lacquered treasure chests, antique porcelain and rare blossoms in secluded gardens, all depicted in vivid, high quality graphics. Completing an impressive range of opportunities is the Asian Beauty logo, which acts as the Wild in the virtual game, helping players to build winning combinations. The emperor’s daughters can also bring riches through the Mirror Bonus, which is triggered randomly within the virtual game, ushering the player to a second screen hall of 12 mirrors surrounded by the four princesses against seasonal backdrops. As the player clicks on each mirror it reveals one of the princesses, and the goal is to get three-of-a-kind to win their associated bonus prize.

Asian Beauty video slot is a true reflection of the best of the East, combined with great entertainment and opportunities to win….take it for a spin today. 3 or more of the master-crafted treasure chests across the reels act as the Scatter in this virtual slots game, launching between 10 and 25 retriggering Free Spins which double all wins. These Scatter pays are multiplied by the players total bet and can also be remarkably generous as they range between 5x to 100x total bet.

Video Slots!

If you are looking for a way to waste a little time and have some good fun, then online video slots is a game that you would definitely like to play. Video slot machines are equipped with a computer chip which is what determines the final result of each click of the spin button. Just like other online casino games before you can play video slots you have to download the casino’s gaming software onto your computer, although there are some online casinos which offer flash video games where no download is required you simply signup and begin playing instantly from your browser, a lot of people prefer to actually download the casino software to play simply because most of the time the casino software has more options and game types for you to choose from.


The very first video slots machine went on stream sometime in 1975. Unlike its predecessor the mechanical slots machines (which was basically made up of springs) video slots came fully loaded with computerized chips, sounds, lights and virtual reels. These computerized chips are programmed to generate randomly selected numbers which is directly responsible for the final outcome of each spin. Each spin of the video slots machine is totally independent of each other. No matter what the result of the previous spin (whether you made a hit or not) it will not affect the outcome of your next spin. Who knows you might even be lucky enough to hit the big jackpot twice in succession. Even though video slots had been around for a while they were not very popular, that is until the introduction of the Video Poker slots machines. Now here was a game that everyone wanted to dabble in, get their feet wet on, so to speak. Video Poker became a hit from the onset and so started the rise in the popularity for the video slots machines. Video slots machines have become so popular that they are no longer limited to online casinos and virtual casinos alike, they can also be spotted in public establishments such as hotel lobbies, convenience stores, bars and even in pool halls.

Every video slots machine has its own unique set of rules, such as pay-lines, payouts, wagers, jackpots, and bonuses. Some bonuses may even consist of wild symbols, scatter symbols, doubling up your winnings options etc., so before you start feeding those coins into the first video slots machine you happen to chance upon be sure and take a few minutes to read the guidelines/legends printed on the machine, usually at the top or the side of the machine. It is not by chance that these rules were printed on video slots machines they were put there so you the prospective player can have a fair chance when playing these exciting video slot games, whether you are in the lobby of a hotel, playing at the online casino or you are just at your favorite brick and mortar casino. Have fun!

Playing online slots

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Before playing online slots you may wish to check out which online casino bonuses best suit your needs, a full list of the best ones on offer is available at piramind.

Play dozens of 3-reel and 5-reel slots: Treasures of Egypt, Magic Wheel, Bonus Land, Shopping Spree, Flaming Crates, Fruit Smoothie, Party Bonus and more!

Online pokies


If you like pokies, we suggest you play at which has over 300 games to choose from. Or if you prefer fruit machines, we highly recommend which has great reviews, tips and bonuses.

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Slots online have become increasingly popular in online casino games and this is because they provide those who cannot get to a physical casino with a great opportunity to still play and enjoy the game. You should check for best slots online deals.

World Series of Poker prizes


The World Series of Poker (WSOP) is a series of poker tournaments held annually in Las Vegas and, since 2005, sponsored by Caesars Entertainment. All WSOP online poker players who refer friends will receive a prize of $30 and the friend referred will receive a gift of $30.